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The Butterfly Project is back for year two!

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

We are proud to announce the kick off of the 2nd annual session of The Butterfly Project. This program provides the training necessary to support careers for historically underrepresented groups in data/technology fields and provides real assistance for grass-root organizations committed to supporting marginalized groups in Louisville.

The Butterfly Project is a one-week immersive program for high school students, college students, and educators. During the program, participants experience and learn how to strengthen the efforts of local non-profits that address social challenges impacting jobs, justice, education, health and housing by leveraging the power of data.

Using real data, participants work with community non-profits to support their efforts addressing systemic inequities that directly impact Louisville residents. Participants learn data analytics skills such as how to collect, interpret, and visualize data, as well as how to identify data gaps and how these gaps affect outcomes.

This year's program will take place daily from July 11 through July 15. We are currently recruiting students and teachers to participate in the program. In addition, nonprofits who wish to use data to further their mission may apply. And, businesses and individuals may inquire about volunteer and sponsorship opportunities.

Special thanks to The Butterfly Project's 2022 Partners:

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