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Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Strategically minded data analyst with Excel, SQL, Power BI, and Tableau skills as well as experience and a passion for making a world a better place to live.

Headshot of Jenni Roselle
JENNI ROSELLE (Photography by Chanel Wells-Henderson)

Jenni Roselle started her career as a hairdresser in Nashville, Tennessee. For 10 years she worked in this hectic environment building client relationships, tracking business data, and learning to ask the right questions so that every client ended up with the desired result. In addition, Jenni volunteered as a shift leader at the community free store run by Gideon’s Army, an organization focused on interrupting the school-to-prison pipeline. She has also donated hairdressing services to the residents at Thistle Farms. These are women who are in recovery from addiction, sex trafficking, and abuse-and to unhoused populations. While she loved her job and volunteer work, she and her husband never felt at home in Nashville.

In 2020, they started searching for a place that felt more welcoming and comfortable. They have family near Louisville and after a great deal of research and deliberation, decided the home of the Kentucky Derby would be a good fit.

They made the move during the Covid-19 pandemic in October 2020. Despite the challenges, Jenni immediately started working at a new salon. Ultimately, the pandemic related changes to the industry proved tiresome and led Jenni to seek out other opportunities.

Ever curious, Jenni found herself enticed by the inquisitive nature of data analytics. So she gathered her courage, applied for, and got into Tech Louisville. Through the course of the 10-week program, she learned how to clean, validate, and visualize data using Excel and Power BI. Jenni intends to apply this new skill set to the work that nonprofit organizations and others are doing to improve equity, empowerment, and community resources.

Tonia Nolden of Tech Louisville said, “Our mantra is, ‘What you put into Tech Louisville, is what you'll get out of it’ and Jenni has exemplified this in many ways. She has proven to be engaged, driven, knows how and when to ask for help, and is a leader in her own learning. With these attributes and more, Jenni will be highly successful in any career path she chooses.”

In January of this year, she took on a temporary position with Metro Louisville Government working in the Covid Emergency Rental Assistance Program doing data entry, review, and validation. She is currently doing contract work for Metro United Way collecting and reviewing data to reflect accurate childcare capacity numbers in Kentucky.

In April, Jenni entered the Future of Work Initiative’s Data Boss Program. Data Boss is a program funded through Metro Louisville United Way by the JP Morgan Chase AdvancingCities Grant and produced by the Louisville Future of Work Initiative. The purpose of Data Boss is to provide data analytics students from the AdvancingCities programs: AMPED, Louisville Central Community Center, and Tech Louisville, with the opportunity for hands-on experience that they can use to strengthen their portfolios. In the program, Jenni completed two paid projects.

“I have worked with Jenni since the beginning of her journey with TechLouisville and Louisville Future of Work Initiative's Data Boss program,” said Jade Brown, AI Innovator with the Louisville Future of Work Initiative. “From the beginning, she expressed she didn't have much experience with technology, but she has always been eager to learn. Her dedication to the data analytics journey has taken her from little technology experience to building dashboards in a matter of weeks. And, Jenni is also committed to using her new skills to better the world we live in. Jenni is a gem!”

Through training and real-world projects, Jenni learned that she enjoys the meticulous work of data review, cleaning, analysis and visualization. She would love to find a full-time position that allows her to make positive contributions to the world around her.

Jenni’s experience in salons has honed her communication skills, taught her to be attentive and adaptable, and trained her to think in numbers related to booking statistics, retention rates, product and service sales. These are all real-world business examples from which she can draw from her own experiences when analyzing data.

“I love the stories that numbers can tell, the questions that can be answered, when you know where to look. There’s so much to be explored, and I find that endlessly exciting.” Jenni explained.

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The Louisville Future of Work Initiative, a partnership between Microsoft and Louisville Metro Government, is grateful for the opportunity to feature Louisville residents who are working toward new careers in technology.

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