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El Toro’s ‘Run with the Bulls’ Internship Provides Low Barrier Entry to Tech, Data Analytics Careers

El Toro IP Targeting (El Toro) recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in business. This privately held Louisville company, led by CEO Stacy Griggs, is leading the way in leveraging cookie-less digital marketing and advanced analytics as well as providing an incredible work culture where in-house training is key.

“El Toro, throughout its history, has had a really robust intern to employee pipeline,” said Deanna Durrett, Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel for El Toro. “We call our intern program, ‘Run with the Bulls’. We will run anywhere from 2 to 3 intern classes a year. Our next one will be in February. We typically don’t have a degree requirement because we are really looking for learners, for people that are innovative, are hungry to learn, and highly motivated. And, we offer a really comprehensive training over the course of about 12 weeks. We train them rigorously in one area, our products and services, and then we give them some hands-on time under the mentorship of existing team members.”

El Toro is a leader in mobile location science. They have been awarded 14 patents and continue to shape the future of the industry. Their process matches mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs) to a physical address through the IP address. This trinity of audience identification provides extreme precision allowing them to bypass all the cookie-based fraud and serve ads directly to the devices in that household within 24 hours.

Businesses from a vast variety of industries and business sizes as well as political campaigns turn to El Toro when they want to not only target a specific online audience, but also send direct mail to individual households.

Four years ago, they formed a data analytics team led by Senior Data Analyst Carter Mackowiak. Using data modeling, this team helps leaders make enterprise business decisions based on actual observed human behavior. Their advanced analytics paired with location intelligence help them provide more insights and potential conversions, while their visualization tools make it easy to understand.

“Our data analytics team primarily uses Microsoft Excel and Power BI,” said Mackowiak. “We specifically use geolocation data, which is not normally taught in college courses or certification programs so there is a learning curve when people join us. We take the time to make sure our team members get the training and knowledge they need.”

With an outstanding product and great culture, El Toro continues to be on a clear path for growth.

Kelsey O’Bryan, El Toro’s Talent Acquisition Specialist said, “We are definitely hiring and planning to do a lot of hiring in the next year or so. Specifically within our data services group we are looking for: data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, and more.”

El Toro also has a number of open technical positions including, but not limited to devops engineers, software engineers, and scrum masters. While some positions do require specific skills, they don’t typically require any specific degrees. El Toro is open to all candidates who are interested in what they do. Any sort of education like college, coding boot camps, or certifications are a bonus but not required.

As they grow, El Toro continues to make a special effort to seek out female and minority employees. For instance, they will have a recruitment table at the December 13 Women in Tech Louisville Conference powered by RockIT Women. And, Mackowiak will be volunteering to teach Power BI at AMPED, a program primarily focused on supporting people of color.

“The great thing about El Toro is we hire people with all kinds of backgrounds,” said Mackowiak. “We have people on our team with finance, psychology, marketing, or economics degrees. There is no standard mold for the background we look for in a candidate. Rather, someone who is interested in data and always looking to learn something new is a great fit for our data analytics team.”

Read more about open positions and training opportunities here:

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