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Dean Dorton’s Purchase of Breakpoint Technology Expanded Data Services

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

New division soon to offer more positions in data and business consulting

In 2021, Breakpoint Technology was purchased by Dean Dorton, a business advisory and consulting group that offers a full palette of services covering accounting, tax, and audit, as well as technology specialties such as security, infrastructure, managed services, ERP, data analytics, and business process automation.

Headshot of Judy Nichols, Director at Dean Dorton
Judy Nichols, Director at Dean Dorton

“When we looked at selling Breakpoint Technology, the care of our employees and customers was our top priority. The purchasing company needed to have integrity, diversity, and good business ethics. Here we are a year later, and we still find this to be true of Dean Dorton,” said Judy Nichols, one of the former owners of Breakpoint Technology, and current director at Dean Dorton.

Dean Dorton bought Breakpoint to create a new division in their services offerings. Nichols explained that data consulting is the foundation of what this new division provides. They work with clients to understand their business goals and drivers, utilizing them to create roadmaps to success. This helps businesses to use data more effectively to understand internal needs and pain points, which in turn gives them better insight into their business decisions.

“Most businesses stop the data process at the historical reporting level, however we help our clients look at predictive and prescriptive analysis. This enables them to plan for and make knowledgeable decisions about the future of their business,” Nichols said.

Headshot of Ed McGillis, Data and AI Manager at Dean Dorton
Ed McGillis, Data and AI Manager at Dean Dorton

"It doesn’t matter what a business’s size or industry is to benefit from our services,” said Ed McGillis, former Breakpoint employee and current Data and AI Manager at Dean Dorton. “The organization just needs to be ready to start working from a position of strength by leveraging their data. It’s important that they are ready to pay attention to the data and move forward in an efficient and effective way.”

McGillis explained that everyone on their team is a life-long learning developer AND a business consultant. He and Nichols agree that both skills are simultaneously necessary to provide the support their clients need.

“From a tech perspective many of our developers started just knowing Microsoft SQL Server but went on to learn data factories, Power BI, Azure, MongoDB, Progress, and even some ERP systems,” said McGillis. “Our team often uncovers a wide range of data sources from each business and works to figure out how to consolidate and leverage the data. To do that, the tech skill is not enough. Most of our team members had business skills first and learned to apply their data skills to them. From a client’s perspective, when we start a project the first thing we must do is work to understand the business goals and pain points that they have. We have to understand logically what they are trying to do so we can map out with data how they can meet their goals. The challenge however is that technology changes all the time, so our team must continuously learn and keep our tech skills sharp,” McGills said. “We are expected to do this by our clients.”

While Dean Dorton is not currently hiring, they hope to do so in the next few months. Jobs will be posted on their website at and on LinkedIN at

Nichols said that for any entry-level position, they will want to know if an applicant knows how they learn most effectively, if they have basic skills such as understanding the structure of a database, and if they can talk through the components of data no matter the underlying technology platform.

“If we have someone that says they already know everything, they are not a good fit for us,” Nichols said. “If someone says they like to learn, are hungry to learn, and know how they learn, that makes them a better fit for us.”

“We put less value in the knowledge of tools and more stock in how they analyze a problem and the building blocks of a solution,” explained McGillis. “We want to know how they execute on a plan, how they handled issues, and what results they were able to achieve.”

Beyond consulting, Nichols’ team is working on several educational efforts. This spring, they partnered with the Future of Work Initiative to support IT staff from local schools and nonprofit organizations to perform “introduction to data analytics and artificial intelligence” classes. During these one-day workshops, attendees received sample data files and scenarios allowing them to use their own computer to go through a data analytics process. In the fall, Dean Dorton will offer advanced AI and data analytics as a continuation of the partnership with the Future of Work Initiative.

‘We celebrate our partnership with Dean Dorton,” said Alisia McClain, Executive Director of the Louisville Future of Work Initiative. “We can learn a lot from businesses like theirs, who provide comprehensive data consulting services but are also committed to educating and supporting Louisville’s data economy. The holistic approach they take to data consulting benefits all businesses, from nonprofits to startups to Fortune 500 companies."

In September, McGillis and Future of Work's AI Innovator Jade Brown will be training the Data Science team at Metro United Way in advanced analytics. The training will begin with an introduction to Microsoft PowerBI as a data analytics tool. We will then take a deeper dive and use practical examples to show how advanced data analytics techniques, like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, can be used to provide useful insights about the possibilities of the future.”

Nichols said that they will also soon be hosting “Microsoft Power Platform In a Day Workshops”. These 1-hour classes are a quick way for businesses to learn how to quickly and effectively meet their own business challenges by leveraging a variety of Microsoft products. The first classes to be offered will be:

  • Dashboard in a Day (DIAD)

  • Modern Excel Analyst in a Day (MAIAD)

  • Paginated Reports in a Day (PRIAD)

Headquartered in Lexington, Dean Dorton also has offices in Louisville and Raleigh, North Carolina.


Learn how your businesses can leverage data using new and innovative technology in this interview with Judy and Ed.

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