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New Data Analytics Course for JCPS Middle, High Teachers

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Jefferson County Public Schools Middle and High School teachers in any subject are invited to participate in a new course to learn how to incorporate data analytics into any content area while earning $1,000 and three graduate-level credit hours at University of Louisville.

The program, which will be held at the University of Louisville through their Digital Transformation Center, is funded by Jefferson County Public Schools and Louisville Future of Work Initiative.

The new program will be taught by the Louisville Future of Work Initiative’s Director of Education Don Bacon.

“I am really excited about teaching the Data Analytics Course,” said Bacon. “My goal is for participants to be able to use the information in their classrooms right away. This is how data science is going to make its way into schools.”

He continued, “Teachers who go through the course will gain an understanding of how to use data to better understand the world around us. For instance, teachers will analyze their own teaching by collecting data on their practices like grading habits or reactions to classroom disruptions. They will use that data to evaluate their pedagogy and decide what actions, if any, would be appropriate to change their work. When to use mean, medium, different sample size, what you can say about one group or another.”

Don's work focuses on creating educational opportunities for students in data science, and working with schools at all levels to build data science programs at their institutions. Along with his work with FWI, Don is a Digital Innovation Leader in Jefferson County Public Schools District, a coordinator for Tech-nique, and a doctoral student at the University of Louisville. Don spent 13 years as a teacher, with half of that time teaching high school engineering technology and computer science.

Alisia MClain, Executive Director of the Louisville Future of Work Initiative said, “We are grateful to have partnerships with community organizations such as JCPS and the Digital Transformation Center at U of L. These arrangements are vital to the success of our community. Our goal with this program is to offer education and training to a diverse population so that individuals can improve their standing in the workplace. This program not only helps us do that, it also empowers other educators to leverage what they learn and share that knowledge with more people. This new data analytics course is a fantastic add-on for educators that participated in The Butterfly Project.”

From July 11 - 15, 2022 over 70 individuals including SummerWorks interns, high school educators, college professors, and local nonprofit leaders participated in The Butterfly Project, a one-week, immersive social justice data analytics experience. ​Using Louisville/JCPS’s open access data sources, participants will work with community nonprofits throughout the project to use data to support their efforts addressing systemic inequities that directly impact Louisville residents.

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