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Over 70 Benefit From New Data Boss Program

Data Boss is program funded through Metro Louisville United Way by the JP Morgan Chase AdvancingCities Grant and produced by the Future of Work Initiative. The purpose of Data Boss is to provide data analytics students from the AdvancingCities program: AMPED, Louisville Central Community Center, and Tech Louisville, with the opportunity for hands on experience that they can use to strengthen their portfolios. Over 30 individuals participated in the first cohort and 40 additional participants were introduced to hiring partners during the program's Industry Night Events.

​Participants in the program received:

  • EXPERIENCE: Data Boss participants may complete up to 6 data projects that they can add to their portfolio to show examples of their work to future employers.

  • MONEY: Participants in the Data Boss program have the opportunity to also earn money for each of the programs they complete. Starting at $150 and going to $350 for the final project. NOTE: With grant funding for Data Boss 2022 ending soon, so too will be the stipends for the completion of data projects. Though we anticipate having enough funding to meet demand, this could also change quickly. Please know that stipends will be paid on a first-come, first served basis until all funding has been expended. The sooner you begin and complete your project(s) the greater the likelihood that you will be paid.

  • COMPUTERS: In addition to and separate from the stipends, Data Boss participants may also have access to laptops if they are needed.

  • JOBS: And, they may attend INDUSTRY NIGHTS. These events are a great opportunity for Data Boss participants to meet one on one with hiring experts in our area.

The 70+ individuals who attended Industry Night events where introduced to hiring specialists from 15 local businesses who shared insight and provided feedback to help participants strengthen their resumes, online presence, and interview skills. Also at the events, free professional headshots were provided. At least 4 individuals were offered jobs during the events.

The future of work is planning an additional cohort for fall of 2022. Information will be available through the training page of this websi


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