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Connect with Diverse Data Talent, Grow Your Business

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Are you looking for diverse talent in data analytics? The Future of Work Initiative is excited to partner with Metro United Way’s Advancing Cities and GLI’s TechFirst initiative to connect data industry hiring partners with our data analytics training participants. Data Analytics trainings are currently facilitated by: Tech Louisville, AMPED, and Louisville Central Community Center. Together the programs have over 50 participants. We want to connect them with you in an informal, friendly environment where they can learn about your company and you can learn about their training program and progress. All participants have completed a data analytics training. Many will have taken on additional data projects to enhance their tech portfolio. Others will be ready for formal interviews, giving you an early opportunity to interact with candidates for hire! Industry Nights are two hour sessions where hiring partners are invited to meet potential data analytics employees. Your critical feedback and support will further help our community to develop a strong and diverse, technology workforce. Should my business sign up? The short answer is, yes. Data analytics is not limited to only tech positions. Every industry and almost every field is starting to require data analysis. Consider an HR Director who wants data reports on the demographics of their employees and wishes to know which new hires do best. Or perhaps a marketing agency that wants to show their clients data driven outcomes of their campaigns. Of course healthcare agencies need data to determine best care practices and much more. So, basically, if you collect data there are people being trained on how to interpret, organize, and visualize as well as to identify any gaps.

Businesses can register to participate in the next event by clicking here.

April 28 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m

Event will be held in person at

1619 The Gathering Place 1619 West Main Street

Louisville, KY, 40203

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