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Free Game Coding Class

MakeCode Arcade is a virtual program for 3rd to 7th grade classrooms. In this workshop, students (who we will call game developers) will use block coding to create games with MakeCode Arcade. Students will learn about the game design concept of sprites and the computer science concepts of coordinates and variables.

Students will complete two coding tutorials, Eat the Doughnut and Cherry Pickr, to build games introducing them to the fundamentals of MakeCode Arcade. Time permitting, they will also have an opportunity to modify the design and code of the games to create their own versions.

At the end of each session, students will find inspiration through playing each other’s games. By publishing and recording links for the games they create, they will be able to continue playing or working on them after the workshop.


The classes are offered in a 2-hour long live format session during which the teacher can stream the session to a classroom and type questions any questions the students ask. These questions will be answered live by the professional Microsoft instructors .


As an alternative to participating in the live events, teachers may choose to leverage recordings of a session. The recording can be played for their classes at any time in their entirety or in portions.


  • Classrooms should have internet access and a display screen with sound capabilities. If you do not have this, please contact us and we will try to arrange it for you.

  • MakeCode website browser requirements- Supported Browsers (

  • Students should each have a device with internet access.


  • Set up the live stream

  • Make sure all the kids are online

  • Capture any questions from students and share them in the chat in Microsoft Live.

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