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ID+ Academy

Information Design for a Better World

ID+ Academy is a new equity-focused IT pathway that combines the KDE-approved Informatics pathway with identity empowerment and industry-recognized credentials. 

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Students will gain industry-recognized credentials that can be applied to any field.  


Students will learn how data and design can be used to empower our communities, explore identity, and solve problems for industry.  And they'll have a living journal of their journey on the website they create in their freshman year.  

Teenage Students With Teacher In IT Clas

Freshman Year- WHAT'S THE STORY?

In the first course you will have the opportunity to use technology to tell a story about a community issue that is important to you.  In the process, you’ll learn how to use word-processing, spreadsheets, and presentation platforms to present your information to your community.  You will also learn how to code shapes, animations, and a simple game in Python programming language.  Additionally, you will design a blog website that expresses your own creativity and your projects for this class.  You’ll create an online journal of your experiences in this class that will stay with you throughout your ID+ Academy  journey. 


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