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Self-led data science curriculum

Follow the directions below step-by-step


1.  A Path Forward document

First, you need to familiarize your self with the document A Path Forward for Louisville. Take 7 minutes and look over the document, paying special attention to the priorities


2.  Choose your topic

Based on your reading of the path forward document, choose the topic of your choice that you would like to focus on for The Butterfly Project.  Your choices are jobs, justice, health, housing, and education.  Once you decide on your topic, click on that button below and watch the video from the nonprofit you will be supporting.  


3.  A little research on your chosen organization

Take a couple of minutes to research the organization and its mission. Then answer the following question:


What types of datasets do you think you should start looking for to support the nonprofit's mission? (5 minutes)


4.  Journey into social justice - misleading data

Click on the button below to be taken to an example lesson on misleading data.  Watch the video and then think about the answers to the questions on the included document.  


5.  The final project

We want you to see what the final project was for one of the projects.  DO NOT WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO.  It's really long.  Scroll to 47:34 and watch the jobs team present their data.  

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