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Hey upskillers!!    Want an even BIGGER incentive to learn new technology skills?

We are raffling off a brand new laptop EVERY WEEKDAY for the next four weeks!  To be eligible, you must live in the Kentuckiana area and earn a badge/certification in one of the free online resources. Here's how:


Complete the survey sent to you when you signed up on the home page.  Make sure your contact information is correct - this is what we will use to contact you if you win.  Completing the survey makes you eligible for this contest and other upcoming contests, giveaways, and workshops.  


Complete any certification from the free website resources sent to your email from Microsoft Learn, IBM, Google Analytics, Cognitive Class, and General Assembly.  


Consider creating a LinkedIn profile, if you don’t already have one. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, it’s free - sign up here.  Need advice on how to make a great LinkedIn profile/want to know how to improve your profile?  Click here.  


Submit e-mail verification of the badge or certification to  IMPORTANT:  By submitting your e-mail verification, you give us permission to publicly announce your name as a winner.  


Check your email for a verification email from us, letting you know we received your certification and you have now been entered into the drawing.


Cross your fingers!  We will announce the winners each day at 5pm on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages.  

Important Information:

  • The contest opens on April 20th and closes May 8th

  • Daily winners will be selected by Random Number Generator.

  • Each winner will be announced at 5pm each week day.

  • Winners will be contacted using the contact info provided

  • Prizes will be distributed as soon as supplies allow.

  • There is no purchase necessary to participate in this contest.  




Q:  This sounds a little too easy - is there a catch?  Are you going to sell my data or something?  

A:  There is no catch.  The Future of Work Initiative is a partnership between Microsoft and the city of Louisville to prepare Louisvillians for careers in data science and technology.  We are giving these computers out to incentivize our community to increase their skills and interest in these exciting fields. In the end, it’s an investment in the future of our city.  And no, we are not going to sell your data.


Q:  Does the course that I get certified in need to be a certain length?

A:  No, any course length will do, as long as you receive a certificate of completion or a badge at the end and forward the information to us at  


Q:  Do I have to pay taxes on the laptop?

A:  This is a contest, and you have to pay taxes on any contest winnings.  Since the value of the laptop will not exceed $600, we will not issue a 1099.


Q:  If I win, how will I receive the laptop?  

A:  We will send the laptop directly to your home or other address of your choosing.


Q:  Do my current certifications count?

A:  No, you will need to acquire new certifications or badge to be eligible for this giveaway.  


Q:  What if I do more than one certification?  

A:  Each certification that you earn makes you eligible for one raffle entry.  The more certifications you get and send to us, the more times your name is entered into the drawing and therefore the higher the probability that you’ll win!  We will reset the raffle every Saturday night at midnight.


Q:  Do I have to buy something in order to participate in this contest?

A:  No, the only thing you have to do is learn a new skill!  


Q:  How will the winner be chosen?

A:  Once we verify the credential you send via email to, you will be assigned a random number.  We will then use a random number selector to choose the winner.  


Q:  If I don’t win the first time, do I have to submit another certification in order to be considered?  

A:  No, you will continue to be eligible for the laptop giveaway until either you win a laptop or the giveaway ends on May 8th.  However, it might be a good idea to keep earning certifications/badges to increase your chances of winning!


Q:  What else is the Louisville Future of Work Initiative up to?

A:  We have a lot of exciting events and opportunities coming up.  Right now you have access to the free curriculum to start your foray into data science and technology.   This incentive is part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will also have information on virtual courses and other events to kindle your learning.  Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities!  

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